Breaking new grounds

TAGOOR LABS has a dedicated Research and Development centre in Vizag, India, which conforms to the most stringent cGMP norms.

At TAGOOR LABS, R&D plays a crucial role in furthering our ability to develop advanced intermediates which requires in-depth expertise in complex chemistry and chemical engineering domains. It drives our portfolio expansion, product development, and scale-up process in a time-bound manner. In fact, we owe our success to the significant strides in research we made over the years. The R&D division is led by a team of highly qualified scientists and focuses on formulating cost-efficient, environment friendly and sustainable processes.

Chemical Research

Our focus on innovation is complemented by our execution capabilities. We have developed strong R&D process engineering skills, which allow us to convert lab-developed technologies in to multi-kilogram scale up and commercialization in a systematic and skilful manner.

As a company that was founded by a chemist, TAGOOR LABS nurtures a culture where scientific temperament is rooted in our people and guides our approach to research. And we are driven by our mission to provide affordable medicines to humankind.

The highlight of our research endeavours is our unrivalled expertise in developing customer-specific and market-driven chemistries. Also, with deep technical knowledge in the fundamental principles of chemistry and a track record of delivering quality solutions to clients, we at TAGOOR LABS are well-positioned to adopt emerging chemistries.

Our appetite for taking up new challenges is supported by the continuous investments we make in strengthening our R&D. Our development expertise, backed by our comprehensive understanding of the processes helps us to provide high-quality APIs, while meeting the most stringent industry standards every time.

Custom Synthesis SERVICES (CRO/CMO)

Our deep scientific and technical expertise enables us to vigorously pursue and offer best-in-class CRO/CMO services to our clients, thus becoming their partners in progress. It’s an area where TAGOOR LABS has been working in tandem with several reputed companies. While we cherish our close association with clients, we maintain strict confidentiality and strive to bring products to market in a minimum time.

Our contract development capabilities comprise of co-development of processes, process optimisations, technology transfer and development of pipeline products. We are also engaged in a range of value-adding research activities, both in-house as well as in collaboration with our partners.

Analytical Research & Development

The analytical R&D division equipped with modern instruments focuses on method development and method validations using strong problem-solving expertise and extensive reverse engineering.

Our team, abreast of latest and stringent regulations, excels at

Our R&D Capabilities